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Please excuse the mess...

Pushlar Consulting has moved to new server, and is in the middle of a redesign. However, because of my current work schedule, I don't know when my new site will be ready!

(Please take this as a sign of a good web developer -- we rarely have time to clean our own house)

To contact me, please email or call 607-347-4577.

Thank you!
Drew Pushlar

Note to Clients: If you came here looking to access site management tools, please contact me for assistance. Hopefully, I've already given everyone proper instructions, but you never know.

While you're here, please take a look at some of my recently completed projects.
Some were solo work, others as a partner with other designers:

JC Landscaping & Design

(with J.C. Manheimer - no relation to JC Landscaping)

Dining & Shopping Spree
(with West Hill Graphics)

Mental Health Connect
(solo, with design consulting by West Hill Graphics)

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